We have answered our clients most frequently asked questions. If you can’t to find the answer to your question on this page, please contact us at info@newyorkcitytowncarservices.com and one of our dispatchers will answer your email immediately.

Frequently asked questions


1. How long in advance do I need to make a reservation?

New York City Town Car services always advise our clients to make your reservation  24 hours in advance to make sure a vehicle will be available. However, we can often accommodate  last minute pickups. for last minute service please call direct our office and our of our dispatchers will take care your request upon availability.

1. How long in advance do I need to make a reservation?

As a courtesy to our clients, we provide a phone call the soonest your driver is on location, In case you don’t see your driver at the scheduled time and location please give us a call immediately.

3. Can the chauffeur come into my home/office to pick up my suitcases and take it out to the vehicle?

Unfortunately, our driver is not allowed to leave the car unattended. However, the chauffeur will be happy to help with your bags from outside your home/office to the car.

4. How can I cancel a reservation without a penalty?

New York City Town Car services request that our clients cancel their reservations at least 2 hours in advance by phone, and 4 hours in advance by email.

5. May I make a last minute change to my reservation?

New York City Town Car services, allow last minute changes on reservations we will try to the best of our ability, to accommodate last minute reservation changes.
If you need to make changes to your reservation, please allow at least 2 hours in advance, on local trips from Manhattan and 3 hours for Airport pickups.

6. Where should I meet my driver once I land at the airport?

Meet and Greet: After you touch down you will proceed to go to your designated gate or baggage claim to pick up your luggage, your driver will be waiting at the baggage claim area, with a sign with your last name display on it. This service is upon request and has an extra charge of $15.00.
Curb Side Pick Up :Once you touch down at the airport you will retrieve your luggage from baggage claim, when you are ready to be pick up, please call our local or toll free number and let our dispatcher know that you are ready to get pick up so that we can direct you to your car, and your designated driver will immediately pull up in front of you at the curbside outside of baggage claim.

7. Do I have to wear a seat belt in one of your vehicles?

No.New York City Town Car services vehicles are for-hire vehicles. Our clients or passengers are excluded from New York State from laws regarding seat belts. However,New York City Town Car services encourage all clients to buckle their seat belts while inside one of our cars.

8. Does my son need to be in a child seat/booster seat?

TLC (taxi,limousine,commission) and NYC regulations in regards to child safety and buster seats:
The Drivers of yellow medallion taxicabs and for-hire vehicles and their passengers are exempt from laws regarding car seats and seat belts. Be aware that, the TLC(taxi,limousine,commission) strongly advise everyone in the vehicle to buckle their seat belts while the vehicle is on the move. There are no Taxi and Limousine Commission regulations in regards to child safety seats, as it is a State exemption. clients with kids are encouraged to provide their own child seats, which the drivers must allow the clients to install.
However, the children under the age of 7 years old are allowed to sit on a parents or adults lap.

9. Does New York City Town Car service offer child/seats or booster/seats?

We do offer child seats and also booster seats upon request for an extra fee of $20 dollars per seat, If you need one of our boosters or child seats please let one of our competent dispatchers know and we will make sure will be install when you are ready to board one of the vehicles.

10. What Types of vehicles do you offer?

We offer a large variety of vehicles we offer the new Sedans MKT Lincoln Town car, Luxury Lexus 600, Luxury Mercedes S 500, Cadillac Sedan,Cadillac Escalade SUV’s, Suburban SU’s, Mercedes Sprinter Corporate Van, and much more.
For more info please visit our Fleet page

11. How can I get a receipt if I pay cash?

Yes. our chauffeur has the capabilities to provide you with a receipt if you pay cash in the vehicle at the end of  service. If you forgot to request a  receipt in the car, you can call our office  and one of our friendly dispatchers will make sure to send you a  fax or emailed a copy of your reservation receipt.

12. Is Toll add it on the flat rate price?

The clients are responsible every and any toll charges paid during the service. Since we always charge your card at the end of the service tolls, Tips and tax will add it to any flat rate provide it.
The rate presented on our website does not include the toll amount.

13. Is Gratuity mandatory? Is there a set percentage I should know?

No Gratuity is to the discretion of the passengers, our drivers are not allowed to ask for any tips or gratuity, However we will add 20% automatically to the final charges of your reservation, If you wish to pay to give the driver any other amount other than 20% please let our dispatchers know in advance.

14. Can I pay with a business or personal check?

No,unfortunately, we don accept any form of checks,We do not accept cash,  for the safety of our drivers we do accept all major credit cards, including  Discover American Express,MasterCard, and Visa.

15. Will there be a charge for waiting time?

Yes. Waiting time charges may be applied if our client arrives late to a service. Waiting for time charge base on the hourly price for a particular car/vehicle and is added at every 15-minute increments.
If you requested an additional stop on a service the time that elapses on that stop will be also charged as a waiting time . However, we offer a complementary time of 10 minutes in every service.

16. Meet and Greet Extra Waiting Time?

We offer a complimentary 45 minutes free waiting time for international flights from the time of landing, any other extra time will be a bill at increments of 15 minutes.
We offer a complimentary 30 minutes free waiting for domestics flights from the time of arrival, any other time added will be a charge on increments of 15 minutes.

17. Does the flat fit include charges for tolls and gratuity?

No, our display prices do not include Tax , Tolls, and gratuity. For more info please visit our Rate Page

18. What are the tolls Prices?

Tolls are base on the route taken by the driver to get to your destination, here is an approximate price to access some of the tunnels and New York crossing bridges.

From New York to JFK Airport: $7.50
From NY to LaGuardia Airport: $7.50
From New York to Newark Airport: $15.00 to $23

19. Can I pre-pay for a Reservation over the phone,or online?

Yes you can pre-pay for a reservation, please call our office and talk to one our courteous dispatchers, will guide you on making an online reservation, our dispatcher will take your information over the phone, we will send you an email confirmation and also a receipt at the end of the service.

20. My credit card will not be in the car at the time of service?

We will provide you with a service voucher to sign, and then we will charge the card provided at the time reservation was made.

21. Can I change the form of payment at the end of my trip?

Yes, you can change the form of payments, please remember to contact our on-site dispatcher to make changes on your payment information. If there is any other question you will like to ask us about please fill out the bellow form and we will r

If You Have any other questions not feature in our FAQ list, please feel free to email us using the bottom Contact form.