New York City Towncar Services Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions
Please find bellow the terms and conditions by which New York City Towncarservies perform business transactions with the Client, account holder or passengers bound by a service request made trough our website or on the phone with our dispatchers.

New York City Towncarservies set out to provide a quality and reliable transportation service to all of its customers.
New York City Towncarservies will always try to be fair and reasonable to our clients and always exercise goodwill where possible.
New York City Towncarservies will diligently carry out passenger instructions while performing transportation services New York City Towncarservies will not be liable for any incidence, loss or misplace personal property due to situations beyond our control.

Quotes and Prices
All display and giving quotes are only an approximate according to an estimate of distance and time incurred by chauffeur and time of day of travel and type of car required to do a specific trip.

New York City Towncarservies will calculate quotes based upon mileage incurred, time and other applicable charges.
The total will be applied to final bill according to the vehicle assigned to the reservation. In addition to New York 8.5 state taxes and $20 gratuity
Our prices are base on a fixed rate on hourly jobs as well as reservation to and from any try state airport,

Waiting Time:
We provide our client with a free 15 minutes grace waiting period
after the 15 minutes waiting has being expired, we will start charging on a 15 minutes increments base on the hourly rate according to vehicle assigned to the reservation.

Cancellation Charges:
After a reservation has being confirmed either by an email or over the phone the client has 24 hours to cancel the reservation with no charges, if client fails to cancel reservation within the 24 horas previous to pick up, the credit card on file will be charged a 50% of the total agreed on total reservation charges.

Waiting time
Where a chauffeur has to wait beyond 15 minuted free waiting time to pick up a Passenger, whether it be the fault of the client or passenger or cause by circumstances beyond clients or passenger control, the Client or passenger will be responsible to pay New York City Towncarservies for the waiting time.

We will try to carry out a service reservation in a way the clients requests, e.g. trip variation and any other reasonable changes unless New York City Towncarservies have written instructions not to do so by the account holder.

The Client or account holder accept to pay all invoices associated with the account or request upon due date or upon finalizing job.