White Plains Towncar Service

White Plains Towncar Service


White Plains has many limo companies and bus companies choices to choose from.The estimated rates for a Towncar Companies are usually about $250-$350 for the first hour and liable to additional hourly rates apart from that.  Every town car company has their own particular standards and processes making and verifying online reservations.  Find comfort and safety in our procedures. We obtain many last minute calls from people that are panicking due to being unable to find a car from other companies not having present drivers or cars available.

White Plains Carservice | limo-fleet

Please feel free to call beforehand to be able to discuss your transportation needs, options, and our availability. in White Plains Towncar we handle all types of reservations, whether online or over the phone.  To order online, you need to  simply click our reservations page and  fill out the reservation form providing us with all the required information in order for us to email a quote back to you for your approval.  It takes anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes to fill out our reservation form.  Once you receive the email confirmation you will then know that your reservation is completely booked.

Typical Packages

We charge a flat fee for a non-stop cruise time. This is an ideal service if you only need a Limo to go from A to B with an ample amount of cruise time.  Your price may be brought down if you need a direct service without cruising time.  All companies have a minimum charge similar to or greater than ours.
We also provide you with hourly service for clients that needs to be taken to numerous destinations and don’t want to take the chance of being delayed by waiting for a car service to show up.

Call us today for your transportation booking at 718-233-2617